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Green Group Government Systems, a "Management Think Tank" which provides


  • Strategic Marketing Planning Services
  • Strategic Management Planning Services
  • Strategic Organizational Development


for the private sector as well as federal, state and local governments using 21st century management and organizational improvement techniques, management information technology, state-of-the-art consulting and strategic planning services to improve performance, organizational effectiveness, productivity and growth.  

Our tools, some of which were developed by the Green Group Government Systems, include:

  • Program Appraisal Review (PAR) Systems®
  • Logical Information Appraisal Review Systems (LIARS)®
  • Product, Resource & Organization (PRO) Programs ®
  • Desk Audits, Process Analysis
  • Kelsonian Equity Finance Strategy
  • Housing Equity Trust
  • Health Information Systems (HIS)
  • Energy Trust

Leading the Green Group Government Systems, Global Chief Executive is Dr. Gilbert Green, who brings three decades of experience of strategic managment and marketing know how in the government and private sector (see former Government Client listing), specializing in providing strategic solution and assisting client companies and government organizations in developing the vision and capability to build the infrastructure necessary to flourish and thrive not just in today’s but also in tomorrow’s market.

Green Group Government Systems gives organizations the tools to embrace change by implementing improved core business practices, addressing small and large scale problems and correcting inefficiencies, thus resolving conflicts and converting organizations into winning and cohesive teams.  In short, we design, develop and provide customized strategic management, marketing and organizational development tools.


Green Group Government Systems - a "Management Think Tank”

"It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage, than the creation of a new system.  For the initiator has the enmity of all those who would profit by the preservation of the old institutions and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by the new ones."

Machiavelli, as paraphrased by Dr. Gilbert Green

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